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    "the future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty"

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  5. ok, tomorrow is a new day and I am excited


  6. things are better now. didn’t went to uni so far this week, but at least I’m almost settled in my new apartment. things just work out better if you have faith and believe that everything is going to be fine. learning once again that anxiety is not good at all for me. I can’t concentrate properly, always end up gaining weight but in the end things just works well.

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  7. Ola Rudnicka

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    Myself (Alysia Boudreau) on trapeze. Shot by Steve Richard. www.steverichard.com steverichard

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  12. welcome to machu picchu.. i’ll be your guide.

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    My boyfriend gave Murphy and I a little photoshoot during our daily yoga practice :)

    What a wonderful post!

    I love puppy yoga.

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    Say hello to Betty, she follows me on every dog walk!

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    Omg I’m so done with my home workout today. Sweated like crazy! This is what I did. Burpee push-up pyramid. 1 burpee then 1 push-up. 2 burpees then 2 push-ups. Repeat that pattern all the way up to 16 burpees and 16 push-ups. Then go back down. 15…14…all the way to 1. Took me 35 min with some breaks gasping for air and dear life. I loved it. #trainlikeabeastlooklikeabeauty

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