1. things are better now. didn’t went to uni so far this week, but at least I’m almost settled in my new apartment. things just work out better if you have faith and believe that everything is going to be fine. learning once again that anxiety is not good at all for me. I can’t concentrate properly, always end up gaining weight but in the end things just works well.

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  2. chillin in Rio’s winter at the beach

  3. chillin in Rio’s winter at the beach


  4. a week have gone since I gave up completely of dairy and 7 months since I gave up of meat, I’m so proud of myself

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  7. 🏄🏊💙


  8. what to do when you feel your boyfriend is simply not happy with you anymore? answer me please.

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  11. 🐱my sweet baby🐱

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  12. my baby being lovely


  13. 5 minutes of intense academic production followed by 30 minutes of procrastination 👍

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  14. gluten free kale quiche <3


  15. I always come back to Brazil with an inspirational feeling after a long trip, but as soon as I arrive here I realize how Brazilian people are pessimist, don’t believe in themselves, doesn’t take anything serious, I don’t know, just don’t feel commitment at all in here, especially in the course I take at grad school and it amazes me so much because this is one of the best universities in the country. There’s a lack of perspective in life that makes me feel weak. It contaminates me in a matter of seconds though I can not be part of it. This year I will make my best to be different and, most important, to be proud of myself instead of feeling small weak horrible insecure etc.

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