1. what to do when you feel your boyfriend is simply not happy with you anymore? answer me please.

  4. 🐱my sweet baby🐱

  5. my baby being lovely


  6. 5 minutes of intense academic production followed by 30 minutes of procrastination 👍

  7. gluten free kale quiche <3


  8. I always come back to Brazil with an inspirational feeling after a long trip, but as soon as I arrive here I realize how Brazilian people are pessimist, don’t believe in themselves, doesn’t take anything serious, I don’t know, just don’t feel commitment at all in here, especially in the course I take at grad school and it amazes me so much because this is one of the best universities in the country. There’s a lack of perspective in life that makes me feel weak. It contaminates me in a matter of seconds though I can not be part of it. This year I will make my best to be different and, most important, to be proud of myself instead of feeling small weak horrible insecure etc.

  9. homemade banana-oat muffin; gluten-free sugar-free guilt-free


  10. last days abroad and I’m so excited I can’t sleep planing what I want to do/buy oh my just don’t wanna go home

  11. ring lovers

  12. we fight but we love each other 💖

  13. new stuff<3


  14. don’t know what is going on but I’ve been so irritated lately that I feel like killing anyone that crosses my way at any time and have no reasons to feel so apparently. trying to avoid this feeling though cause honestly I like myself better when I’m in peace don’t like being so moody. maybe it’s because I’m quitting smoke and also cause I’m worried with lots of fucking annoying things I have to deal with.

  15. 😌🙏